Friday, March 20, 2009

Good news!

maghrib td childhood fren aku call. aku tgk nama dia kat hp aku je, aku dh dpt agak.. dia dh bersalin! & tekaan aku tepat.. dia selamat lahirkan baby girl! congratz ira! moga anak2 awk jadi anak yg soleh & solehah.

rasa seperti baru semalam aku & dia pegi sekolah sama2, mandi sungai sama2, ronda 1 kampung naik beskal, & tido lambat sbb bersembang smpai tgh mlm. & skang, dia dh ada family sndiri & kitaorang sibuk dgn hal masing2. InsyaAllah cuti sem ni aku nak jumpa kwn2 yg dh lama aku x jumpa.. hehe.

anak dia lahir 20 march, makyang aku 21 march, adik aku 22 march & kwn aku 23 march... (duit oh duit)... aku kena kumpul duit & beli hadiah utk baby.. huh~

My feelings..

Dedicated to those around me & people that i love..

Home made kazoku – thank u

For the people who always support me
A rhapsody with my usual feelings put into it
Send out my feelings of appreciation

Thank you, always!
thank you, really!
No matter where I am, I’m grateful that you’re alive
I was walking down the street casually, when the city dusk was dyed red
The flocks of people coming and going increase in the afternoon
For some reason I tried to stop
Bit by bit, the crack in my heart became empty
In order to fill it, I changed my cellphone manner
You aren’t alone, look everyone
We’ll support each other
I’m scared by the instable future, it comes toward me, and I’ve been worried
You quietly reached out your hand, without saying anything
Sadness was only half of it, happiness swelled up twice as big
I swore that if I was in the opposite situation
That I’d come running right across

Far way, far away
Even if we’re far apart
The memories of the days that we spent together
Will by no means disappear into the flow of time
Family, friends, lovers, and all of the people that I’ve met
“Thank you!” because of all of you
Tomorrow too, I’ll be able to move forward with strength
No one can live their life alone
We always care about each other
When I don’t understand, we talk
I want us to laugh so much that it’s like our stomachs burst
Even so, why do we sometimes speak ill of each other like this?
Do you think that we hurt each other?
I love you so much that it’s absurd
I’m embarrassed to say it, but I’m serious

Certainly being face to face with everyone, I’m more shy than I thought
I can’t say it, It won’t quite leave my lips
But I really want to say it
Something’s in the way, everyone’s pretending to be tough
Sometimes everyone wants to openly say these things
A wonderful power dwells within words
It’s a simple things, start with yourself, you can definitely do it..
Never give up
I will be there forever
Like you were there for me